koła zębate kropki Taśmy PCT i PU
In   terms   of   deliveries   carried   out   on   the   basis   of   industrial   materials,   we   offer   a   range   of   products   from   a   polymers group.   We   make   use   of   technology   of   rubber   production   and   combine   it   with   the   variety   of   materials   such   as   inserts   (cloth) and stainless steel.  We    offer    you    the    following    industrial    and    engineering products: Rubber hoses for industrial applications and as well as their flexible components used in motorization, Vibroisolators such as air bags and absorbers of engine vibrations, Compensators, coordinated with technological system of liquid, solid and gas media transport. It works as an element which reduces vibration, noise, and eliminates tension by making system more flexible. Compensators absorb thermal conductivity emitted between material transport systems in high pressure installations, Driving belts, delivery of driving system materials of machines, equipment and vehicles. This product is part of the drive in agricultural vehicles, cars and trucks. It is adjusted to the requirements of industrial machinery and equipment in terms of selection of V-belts, timing belts, flat smooth belts and belts with a special structural coating (additional elastomeric coating of rubber, PU, PCV).
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